Applied Research

Applied Research

Dr Carol Hill, University of Glasgow , 01387 702 006 / 345 376 

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Strategic Aims:

The reputation of the Crichton Institute will be established in its engagement in high quality research that reaches out to the interests, needs and development potential of the region.

Increased capacity and financial viability

By drawing on the partners’ expertise this aspect of the Institute’s work will reach out to the interests, needs and development potential of the whole region, its communities, employers and businesses. It will introduce greatly increased research collaboration and capacity to the ‘Crichton Offer’ – improving responsiveness to funding opportunities, developing interdisciplinary skill sets and enhancing the capacity to undertake applied and evaluative studies relevant to local issues and challenges.

Long term, this will lead to a portfolio of high quality, regionally focussed and internationally significant studies. Although there will be a strong emphasis on research capacity building and sustainability, with initial studies likely to reflect the priority themes outlined there will be considerable potential for further expansion.

The Research Function will also draw on the Institute partners’ extensive experience of a range of research methods and will promote methodological innovation. It will be co-ordinated by the University of Glasgow with support from the University of the West of Scotland, the Open University, the Crichton Carbon Centre and other partners.

Carol has a stong background in regional, national and international research with a focus on rural areas. As the former Director of the Centre for Research in Health and Social Issues Carol brings a wealth of experience to the role and is committed to working with relevant stakeholders to ensure their greater access to high quality research that is relevant to the needs of the region, to building capacity and to ensuring proper exchange of knowledge.

Carol is also Head of the University of Glasgow's School of Interdisciplinary Studies which is located on the Crichton campus.

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