Business Knowledge

Business Knowledge

Dr Anne McGillilvrayUniversity of the West of Scotland, 

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Strategic Aims:

An established, cross-sectoral programme of effective KE activities driven by informed understandings of the needs of all rural business types and by the outputs of the Crichton Institute’s research and policy functions

A recognised and reliable single point of access to the expertise and resources of the academic partners on the Crichton campus

Development and further creation of effective business innovation clusters in conjunction with Chambers of Commerce and Federation of Small Business (FSB)

As a core function of the Crichton Institute, Business Knowldege will be specifically shaped to deepen engagement with local businesses in order to develop individual and regional competitiveness. It will ask searching questions to inform the work of the Institute’s applied research, policy and observatory functions and add value by identifying and filling gaps in knowledge, disseminating and exploiting research and policy outputs, and stimulating knowledge exchange between the academic world, the spectrum of business organisations (including micro-business organisations, the public, private and third sectors) and community organisations.

The Crichton Institute, through its combined Business Knowledge and research capacity will therefore provide a unique opportunity to explore and better understand the local business/sectoral bases, the experience of other regions and countries and to develop an evidence-based model of engagement with these sectors.  The Business Knowledge function of the Crichton Institute will be co-ordinated by the University of the West of Scotland  with support from Dumfries and Galloway  CollegeSRUC Barony Campus  and other partners.

It will bridge the divide between local businesses and policy discourse by providing a new and informed voice in policy discussions and the processes of policy implementation. These enhancements to business intelligence will bring about shared understandings of the differences between what business and third sector organisations identify as the most important issues they face and what policy makers understand them to be - and will be key to securing the best environment for sustainable development and economic growth.

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