Core Aims and Delivery

A Partnership for Knowledge Creation and Exchange in South West Scotland

Crichton Institute is a ‘one stop hub’ for all aspects of research and development relating to south-west Scotland. It is a collaboration of the academic institutions on the Crichton campus who are working with regional agencies, communities and businesses of all kinds to understand the issues that constrain the region, to develop an evidence base for its economic, social and cultural development and to raise its national and international profile. Crichton Institute works through a series of inter-related activities: Research; Business Intelligence, Policy development; and, a Regional Observatory. It has been carefully shaped to ensure the two-way flow of people and ideas between the research environment and the wider economy such that its work has regional, national and international significance.

crichton institute core aims and delivery

Crichton Institute consistently engages with key stakeholders who influence the direction of its work.

Identified priority themes and topics include:

  • Rural Economy and skills development
  • Community development and place-making
  • Community capacity-building, community social enterprise, social inclusion, sustainable towns and Communities
  • Impacts of demographic change on: health and social care needs, service development and delivery, and workforce skills
  • The impact of flooding on local business and business communities
  • The relationship between the transport infrastructure, a sustainable low carbon economy and environmental management